Filthy PedroFilthy Pedro and his band the Carthaginians write about hedonism, history and sexual deviancy blending folk, pop, blues and hip hop beats.

Rumour has it he was born in Anglesey – the Island off the north coast of Wales – and descended from Druids. Other theories suggest his origins in ancient Mesopotamia.  He is considered to have the perfect ‘bottom’ and an ego the size of Madagascar.

Filthy Pedro is often seen with the Carthaginians, a rag tag band of musicians made up of Thee Intolerable Kidd (AKA Thee Kidd, Nathaniel Kidd),  Medders (AKA Cigarface, Beako), Tim Tomlinson (AKA Claudius T. Skull), Stuart Sanderson (AKA Disco Stu, Tesco Stu),  Penny Rossano (AKA Penny O, Opera Penny) and Krakatoa Kate.

Filthy Pedro was instrumental in the creation of the UK Antifolk movement (AFUK), starting up the first ever events dedicated to British Antifolk acts. He co-runs the Antifolk festivals that take place in London with Tom Mayne from David Cronenberg’s Wife.

Taking any excuse to travel, Filthy has toured the US, Japan and South Wales, where he was almost lynched in Pontypridd. He has also been allowed onto a few Radio shows to records sessions, including BBC 6 and WBAI New York.

Filthy featured in the first season of Channel 4’s Transmission program, Filthy provided the acting, music and ideas for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Points quiz. The infamous Jimmy Saville undertook the test, scoring a reassuringly low amount.

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