Filthy Pedro & the Carthaginians (CD Album & Download)

Blang records, April 2010 (Blang24).

Filthy Pedro and the Carthaginians Album cover

The self-titled debut album.

The record label’s blurb: “For two years Filthy and his band the Carthaginians have been writing and recording an album about hedonism, history and sexual deviancy blending folk, pop, blues and hip hop beats to sound something like early Beck (Mellow Gold/Stereophonic Soul Manure) performing in The Bonzo Dog Do Dah Band (I’m The Urban Spaceman) – it’s edgy, quirky and quintessentially British.”

“Transcends the whole spectrum of anti-folk, straddling the lanes between lo-fi punk rock and mellow folk tunage.” (Bearded Magazine)

“They are in fact one of the bands that you cannot understand why, but you can’t seem to stop listening to them. They have an edge above the rest, they don’t seem to sound similar to anyone.” (Music Utopia)

“The most exciting thing to come out of Anglesey since the 8.45am to Bangor. Lo-rent, lo-fi indie rock n roll that works on this biblical 21 tracker disc” (Manchester Music)

“Terrible” (The rest of the music press)

1. Rock’N’Roll Points
2. They Kicked Me Out Of Anglesey
3. Welsh Chins
4. Man, I’m Old!
5. Get Your Beak On
6. Claudius T. Skull’s Haircut
7. Bubble Wrap
8. History Lover
9. Surbiton River Boat Song
10. What Goes Up
11. Librarian Blues
12. I’m Too Good For You
13. Dawnsio Gwerin
14. The Raver’s Prayer
15. Gilgamesh
16. Sod ‘em All
17. Lunch
18. The Julio-Claudian Caesars
19. Superfood
20. Dolphins Of Rotherham
21. Country Life

Get Your Beak On (Download single)

Blang records, April 2010 (Blang25)

“Crazy indie/rap crossover from London-based Filthy Pedro, pretty fat beat i’m sure you’ll agree. Complete with mad ‘chicken in a box style’ flute loop.” (Jesterman)

“I’m not really sure what this song is.” (Steve Lamacq)

Rock’n’Roll Points (7″ single)

Rock 'n' Roll PointsBlang records, June 2007 (Blang3)

Record labels blurb: “Filthy Pedro’s debut single. A witty and catchy antifolk anthem about the culture of excess in rock set to nifty drum loops, guitar riffs and a hypnotic bass line. B side is a ballsy ballad about kinky sex and ancient history. Championed by XFM’s Lauren Laverne, FP, the Black Sheep of Anglesey is a prominent insurgent of the UK antifolk scene, co-organiser of the seasonal Antiolk Festivals in London and instigator of the globally popular antifolk.co.uk website.”

“a witty and catchy antifolk anthem…don’t miss” (Rough Trade)

“This song has the couplet of the decade: Drinking Jack Daniel’s in the bathtub/Making a pact with Beelzebub” (Lauren Laverne)

A Rock ‘n’ Roll Points
B History Lover

Filthy Pedro Live In New York (CD EP)

Filthy Pedro live in New YorkSelf-released, March 2005

Recorded during the Winter Antifolk Festival 2005 at the Sidewalk Cafe, New York

1. Librarian Blues
2. History Lover
3. The Ravers’ Prayer
4. Rock ‘n Roll Points
5. Sod Em’ All (almost good quality version)

In A Hurricane Even A Turkey Can Fly (CD Album)

Self-released, May 2004

A collection of home recorded tracks by Filthy Pedro.

In a hurricane even a turkey can fly

1. Kate
2. Librarian Blues
3. Surbiton River Boat Song
4. Down Barras
5. Bubble Wrap
6. Sod’ Em All
7. Pink Nirvana
8. Unreliable
9. Ode To Unsolicited Email
10. The Bastard Son Of The Anglo-Welsh
11. Hedonistic, More Knowledgeable,never Going Hungry
12. History Lover
13. Monotheist
14. Hamilcar

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