I’ve covered Shirley Collins for a new compilation

I’ve recorded/rewritten a Shirley Collins song for a new compilation to help fund a film about her. See the video below:

Shirley Collins comes from Sussex and and wrote and performed as a key member of the English folk revival of the 1950s.

It’s her role in the legendary Lomax recordings that also form her legacy. In 1959, a young Shirley Collins travelled with the song hunter Alan Lomax on what many consider to be his most important song collecting journey from Virginia to the Mississippi. Lomax and the young Collins were having an affair, with Lomax being twice her age. They recorded then unknown artists, discovering Mississippi Fred McDowell amongst others.

I’ve covered/rewritten Space Girl, her ballad about visiting space and one of her most Antifolk songs.

Other artists on the compilation include Bonnie Prince Billy (Palace Music), Lou Barlow (Sebadoh/Dinosaur Jr), Graham Coxon (Blur), Sam Lee, Ned Oldham and Sam Amidon.

My friends and label mates Joe ‘Buzfuz’ Murphy and Slate Islands are also on the compilation.

You can buy the compilation and also help raise funds for the film at the link below:



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